Playing in the sunshine

Ahh, what a gloriously sun-splashed fresh breeze of a morning this has been. The sort of spring day where you feel adventurous wearing a t-shirt because really, it’s a little too cold still, but the sun convinces you to take a chance. Yes, in my little haven-world, that sort of thing constitutes a chance.

The simple act of posting a letter has take us nearly all morning. That was the one task I had to accomplish before lunch, and accomplish it we did. A slow (there is no other kind with an 18 month old) breakfast was followed by singsong shower (the only way to stop him crying while I hastily soap my untended locks, usually involving at least 6 renditions of the Wheels on the Bus and Wind the Bobbin up, where I hope he’s doing the actions and praise him liberally through the shower door, only to find he’s usually stuck his arm down the toilet and is playing there with delight. Nice.) and whingy dressing. Distracted with bubbles whilst cleaning his teeth this morning so they got a proper going over. All 13 of them. So sweet. Eventually we were ready.

Deposited child in front garden to point excitedly at the world’s biggest colony of ladybirds whilst pushchair was prepared – ended up stuffing a jumper into the bottom in case it got cold. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Not that he wants to go in the pushchair, you understand – it’s merely that his latest passion, apart from the ladybirds and the ongoing “catties” obsession, is to push his pushchair. Or at least, to walk alongside it, one hand on the frame, admonishing me from time to time for trying to enforce an unsuitable speed. Yesterday he walked about a mile like that – today probably not far off, with all the meandering. He has the eyes of a hawk, despite his ancestry being liberally drenched with severe myopia, and can spot a ladybird hiding in the grass at 40 feet. Therefore, the walk which alone takes me about 5 minutes took us nearly 40. Great fun though – I had forgotten how exciting a daisy or dandelion can be if you’ve never noticed one before. Or a stick. He notices those all the time, but they are apparently fascinating in their arboreal diversity. Or perhaps he just really likes banging things with them. Either way, the walk to the postbox took longer than expected, but was worth it for the look on his face when, for the first time, he was allowed to post the birthday card.

The glee was soon replaced by terror as the monstrously oversized delivery lorry arrived alongside the postbox to drop off at least 6 times the possible contents of our modest village shop. I don’t know where they put it all. But it is very well stocked.

The route home was even longer, and the walking was going so well I decided to brave the riverside path and come back via the playpark. Of course, seconds into our new route J decided he needed a break so pleaded to be carried, which he duly was, much to the chagrin of my left arm (the right being occupied by pushing the somewhat redundant pushchair. He’s just north of 26lb so suppose at least it almost constitutes exercise) Quick bit of circuit training in the park (right swing, horsey horsey, seesaw, rocking elephant, left swing, play with gate for 10 minutes) and we were ready to go home. At this point my hunger overtook my patience and I packed him into the pushchair and set off for home at a gallop.

And that was the morning. Such a simple thing, posting a letter. For J, a marathon voyage of discovery and mystery. I think I like his perspective better. Roll on this afternoon…


~ by DelightingintheDetail on April 13, 2010.

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